Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Short Video

Here is a little video of a smidgen of today's work with Johnny. He hopped over a little cross rail for the first time since winter break (aka over a month!) He was VERY excited but also really good! Unfortunately, my friend didn't get a video of his AMAZING canter jump. His rhythm was so perfect and his strides were long and had even cadence...we got a prefect distance and seriously just had a perfect jump, but of course we didn't get it on film :( Oh well...maybe next time. Until then, enjoy the short 45 second clip below lol.

And a few pictures:


Still working to tighten that front end up...can't say he was really trying very hard here though. He doesn't actually start picking his feet up until 2'6" or so.

E also jumped Emmy for the first time since her leg injury this summer (aka like 6 months ago...LOL) she was also CRAZY excited and jumped like a little loony-head. Here are a few pictures of E riding Emmy:

Trotting like the freak that she sshhh...don't tell her she's 23 years old!!

Little chip in...mainly rider error, but Emmy tried to adjust the best she could. This mare's been around the block a few times...she knows her stuff :)

Busy day tomorrow in school requires me to ride FOUR times in one day...gaahhhh


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