Monday, November 22, 2010

Horse Show!

This weekend we packed up and went to a horse show with Johnny! He showed in the hopeful hunters at a local farm in a schooling show. The height of the jumps were super low for him, but our goal was to jump all the fences (without schooling over them before hand) and to get all of our leads, both of which we accomplished! There were about 25 horses in his division, so we didn't get any ribbons, but he was such a good boy that it didn't really matter. We accomplished our goals and he's finally starting to look like a "real" horse! My fabulous boyfriend came to the show too. He was so interested in all of the classes and exactly what each horse was supposed to be doing a the ring. It was so amazing to have someone there to actually support me and WANT to be a part of everything. He even went off to the food stand (without me asking!) and brought me back a breakfast sandwich and a drink when we were waiting for ribbons after my ride. He's so perfect! :)))

Here are some video stills from the show:


Monday, November 15, 2010

Life Changes

I've come to realize recently that I'm at that critical point in my life where everything suddenly starts to change and you get out of bed one day to life hitting you in the face saying "Wake up! You're not a kid anymore!"

My life wake up call came in the form of a friend of a tall, handsome man who swept me off my feet from the moment I met him. He was a friend of a girl at my barn, he'd broke up with his girlfriend right around the same time Ev and I broke up this summer. He had called her just out of loneliness saying "Do you know of any girls that wouldn't be afraid of fitting into my life?" He was born and raised in the city but had purchased land and moved out to the country 4 years ago. All of the city girls that he knew turned up their noses at the thought of getting dirty and living on a road where the speed limit wasn't posted. After some thought, my friend called him back and said "I think I may have someone." The next day, she came up to me while I was cleaning my horses stalls and simply said "I have a friend that I want you to meet."

At first I told her no. I was still bitter from the last break up and done looking for a man who wasn't afraid of MY lifestyle. I had convinced myself that he simply didn't exist. My dear friend A, didn't take no for an answer though. Every day I thank her for not listening to me.

I don't know how many of you believe in love at first sight. I don't know yet if I really do, but this was pretty darn close. We met at the barn and my first thought was that he was absolutely gorgeous and one of the nicest persons I had ever met, my second thought was "wow...he's just going to sit here and hang out with us while we take care of our horses? He MUST be nice"

That meeting turned into a date, date one turned into date two, date two turned into date three...and three turned into history. At the expense of sounding cheesy, I'm going to say it anyway, I've found my soul mate and I couldn't be happier.

This is the part where life hits you in the face though. When you realize that everything you had planned for your life suddenly has no precedent anymore. That all of those well laid plans are bound to go astray, not in a bad way, just in general because suddenly all of the plans you once had for yourself now include another person.

For example, this perfect and amazing boyfriend of mine owns 25 acres complete with a barn (which just has to be fitted for horse stalls...I guess there used to be pigs there haha) He's already decided to put stalls and paddocks up for me. We looked at fencing last night online. Emmy and Johnny are scheduled to move into their permanent home this summer.

Did I mention that he likes to ride with me also? We've gone riding together twice just in the past week. I've never had a boyfriend take so much interest in my horses. Johnny and him get along great, which means that there is no need to sell Johnny anymore. Not only will he have a home, but another person to ride him.

And all of my worries about E graduating this year and not being here to lease Emmy next fall? Not an issue anymore because the horses won't be boarded out.

See what I mean about this whole life changes thing? But I'm loving every minute of it :)