Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Horse Show and More

Just a quick update since I left you all hanging before the horse show.

Cool was AMAZING!! He was 3rd and 4th over fences out of 9 the lead changes and made the numbers! In the flat class he was 7th out of 9, which is a better performance than usual. Sunday I showed him again just in a flat class and he was STELLAR again. This time he was 5th out of 13 horses! Getting better every time. I was SO happy with him!

Last Sunday I took Gus to a horse show too, just a local pleasure show. A friend of ours showed him in halter and he was 2nd and then I was 2nd with him out of 5 in our Adult hunter under saddle class. He got run into in our equitation class though and then kind of wigged out a little. He was still well behaved but he was really nervous after that. Poor Gus! I promised him that I will never take him to a horse show like that again!

I'll do a more detailed post later with some pictures. It's very late now!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gearing Up For the Horse Show

Gearing up for CVF this coming weekend with Coolio! Hoping to move him up to the 2'-2'3" division at this horse show. Hoping that the weather holds off so that I can school him over fences this weekend at home. K is working on a small outdoor sand ring for me so that I can ride in inclement weather instead of being totally bound by the weather while riding and jumping on the grass. The sand ring will be small but it will be very good enough for now!

I rode yesterday and Cool was pretty good, only one little bucking session but after some cantering he quieted down. We cantered over some single and bounce poles which was very good. Today it rained, but I am hoping to get back to riding Tuesday (as long as the ground dries out) and then Thursday I will haul Cool to a nearby arena to jump him around before hauling to the show Friday. We will be there all weekend this time, Friday thru Sunday...poor Coolie!

More updates when I can finally get back to riding.


Professional Photo

Got our professional pictures from the horse show, Gus looks fantastic!

Great photos from the photographer, she got a couple of good ones but this was my favorite. I think that my "Silver Lining" looks wonderful in our first outing together. Hoping for many more shows with him :)