Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Horse Show and More

Just a quick update since I left you all hanging before the horse show.

Cool was AMAZING!! He was 3rd and 4th over fences out of 9 the lead changes and made the numbers! In the flat class he was 7th out of 9, which is a better performance than usual. Sunday I showed him again just in a flat class and he was STELLAR again. This time he was 5th out of 13 horses! Getting better every time. I was SO happy with him!

Last Sunday I took Gus to a horse show too, just a local pleasure show. A friend of ours showed him in halter and he was 2nd and then I was 2nd with him out of 5 in our Adult hunter under saddle class. He got run into in our equitation class though and then kind of wigged out a little. He was still well behaved but he was really nervous after that. Poor Gus! I promised him that I will never take him to a horse show like that again!

I'll do a more detailed post later with some pictures. It's very late now!


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