Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh, Mother Nature

My plans to begin body clipping Johnny have been delayed slightly because of the sudden turn in the weather. Over night we went from 30 some degrees plummeting down into the single digits with blizzarding snow. Yesterday was a brutally cold 14 degrees...and that was the days high! I booted the horses out for about an hour because they we all kicking around and making a fuss about being inside. They all ran around like hooligans for a bit (save for Emmy and Johnny...Emmy's too old for that kind of nonsense these days and Johnny just does whatever Emmy does lol) and then got a good roll in the snow. I've never really understood why horses like rolling in the snow so's cold and wet, how could that possibly been enjoyable? Oh well, I supposed, as long as it makes them happy! An hour gave me enough time to clean a couple stalls, fill the water buckets, throw hay and eat lunch before I figured that the horses had probably had enough of the great outdoors. They were still way in the back of the field when I opened the back door to the barn, but at the sound of it sliding they all picked up their heads and came galloping down (again, save for Emmy and Johnny who mosied) Everyone had frozen whiskers and snow clumps on the sides of their heads from rolling. What a ridiculous looking bunch they were!

My best friend C and I also went up to the tack store yesterday. She needed to exchange a set of SMB Elites that she had gotten for Christmas and I wanted to spend a little of my Christmas money on a new lariat. I've been using an old practice rope and I'm about 60-70% on target (by that I mean actually catching something) with the practice one...I feel like its time to move on to a real rope now! In all actuality I was looking for a 32' soft lay heading rope but that was almost impossible to find without ordering one from a catalouge and quite frankly it just didn't matter enough to me that I wanted to spend $40 on the rope and another $15 on shipping. Big Dees had a 35' medium lay heeling rope in stock, so I just went with that. I figure that I'm not really planning on competeing in roping events anytime soon (or ever at all for that matter) I just want to learn how to rope so it doesn't really matter all that much. I don't plan on making a massive leap to western riding, I just want to learn something new!

The snow is blowing pretty bad today but I can't wait to go out to the barn and crack the wax off the new rope! I'll let you know how it goes :)


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