Friday, August 14, 2009

Great Day

The past two days riding Johnny has been fabulous! Wednesday I set up some cross rails for him in the back (one each direction) and let him have some fun over the fences. He quieted down a bit and was jumping really nicely. We finished up cantering over a few fences and John and I got our distances perfectly :)

Yesterday I rode him again and worked in the grass field. We did a lot of work with his right lead (the bad one) and he threw it everytime! He is getting so much stronger on that side and the canter is actually comfortable and more balanced now. He's also holding it longer, which makes me really happy :) We finished up with cantering over a cross rail again which Johnny did PERFECTLY (yay!)

After that I rode Emmy western and then gave pony rides on her to M neices and some of the neighbor kids. The one little girl helped lead Emmy into the barn and helped me put her away (she held the reins while I took her saddle off) and then helped me brush her once I put her in cross ties. It was so freaking cute!!!

More later!


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