Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, it's been a little while since my last entry, but I haven't been riding hardly at all because of the heat and humidity (not to mention the random monsooning down pours) that we have been dealing with lately.

Johnny came in from the pasture yesterday with a big fat swollen eyelid. I'm thinking that he either got bit by something or he got something in his eye. It doesn't seem to be poked and his vision is just fine. I gave him an eye wash twice yesterday (which he was not so happy about) and some bute. He also has been wearing a fly mask now to keep anything from irriating it further. The swelling had gone down quite a bit this morning when I went up to wash it out again after physical therapy. He stood much nicer this time...I think it probably felt good.

Other than that, nothing much to update. I've been bombing around on Emmy western a bit just for the heck of it...she seems to like it.

PT was good today. I had ultrasound treatment and massage therapy followed by a moist heat treatment before having to do my exercises. It made my neck feel a whole lot better :)

Maybe some riding today if the weather holds.


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