Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekly goal assesment

So far this week I have done an excellent job with sticking to my goals!

Cool got ridden Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (I also plan on jumping him tomorrow) and Emmy got ridden Monday, Thursday and Saturday (today). I worked over canter poles Monday and Thursday with Cool and jumped a small cross rail. We even did 3 canter bounce poles in a row....go Coolie! Friday I did a fitness ride with him, I asked him to come round for once and to canter and trot for longer periods of time than he is used to. Today he got just a turn out, but tomorrow I want to do a little pole work and maybe build a little course up in the arena. We will see how tired I feel!

Emmy was good on Monday, but felt a little iffy in her banged up hind leg, so I gave her off until Thursday. She was a LOON on Thursday, being super rude and leaning on the bit, trying to bolt off and spooking. I also worked her over some of the canter poles that were set up for Cool and she was just running at them like a looney toon. We had a very long ride but at the end, she was really good. Today I hacked her and cantered over a single pole to practice getting my eye back in shape and also to see if she was going to run and drag me again. She never did. Clearly our Thursday ride made an impression...I hope she continues to stay good!

I've been riding both horses in a loose ring happy mouth (french link) and I think they both are doing well in it. Cool is unfortunately one of those horses that just hates flat work, but his neck is still so upside down....I hate riding him in draw reins a lot, but he just isn't quite getting the whole rounding up thing. He's also veryyyy slow to warm takes him forever to drop is nose and get round. I think he just needs some guidance of the draw reins...but I also hate putting them on! It means that I have to add the breast collar to his tack and run them through everything, such a pain and I'm usually pressed for riding time as it is. I have a neck stretcher bungee, but I don't think that really "teaches" them anything. Any other time saving ideas? I must video soon!


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