Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Goals

As always, the start of a new week brings about a new slew of goals that I attempt to weave into my life and accomplish daily. There are only a few weeks left until the next horse show for Cool, and since the last show he's only been ridden 3 times. Oi vey!

This morning dawned early when the alarm went of at 4:30am. Time enough for me to get up, pack lunches for the bf and myself and send him off to work before defrosting some pork for dinner while getting myself dressed and ready for the day. The dogs need to be taken out, dinner needed to get put into the crock pot to slowly simmer and cook all day. By 5:30 I was in the car and headed to the barn to see Emmy and Cool, turn them out and clean their stalls quickly before work at 7:30. They had a quick turnout in the snowy outdoor ring while I picked stalls and then came back inside just in time for breakfast. Emmy's right hind leg was swollen last night (and still was this morning) and she has taken a huge chunk off of her hoof....I have no idea what that silly mare did this time, but I've been keeping it bandaged. The farrier will be here next Monday to cut the chunk of foot off and re-shoe her and Cool.

Work was from 7:30 to 3:30 and was fairly uneventful. Afterwards I stopped back at the barn on my way home and tacked up Cool for a quick ride. Chels was there riding her warmblood and, after lamenting about our lack of time spent in the saddle recently and our quickly dissipating riding skills, we set out a single pole in the arena and just practiced cantering over it and seeing our distances. I have a hard time finding a distance on Cool...I just can't quite find the right canter step yet for him. Chels had some trouble too...we are both so out of practice! Thursday we are going to meet up to ride again after work and practice some more.

Cool's right front ankle has been puffy lately as well. I had the vet out recently to look at his face (he fractured it...go figure.) and mentioned it to her and had her look at it. She said that the tendons all feel good and she thinks that its the joint capsule itself. She told me to keep riding him as long as he's sound, but I think that I might get some Surpass for the fetlock...I know he's not off, but I hate unclean legs! And swelling is a sign to me that something is stressing that joint and causing a problem...maybe not right now, but certainly it could be down the road.

So here are my new goals for the next few weeks:

- Pole work 3x a week
- Jumping twice a week
- Equitation work
- Getting Cool rounder and bent more correctly, especially to the left!
- Take photos/videos

Thats all for now!


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