Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Going Schooling

Of course it's been raining all week, which has given me basically zero opportunity to ride either Cool or Emmy this week.

I lunged Cool over a jump Monday after school and he was pretty good...very fresh and light on his hind legs (lol) but he actually picked up his feet to jump!

This Friday, my friend C and I are taking Cool and her 4 year old Canadian sport horse George to a local hunter/jumper barn to school. They are having a schooling show there this weekend so the course is open to school Friday evening. Cool probably wont be jumping much, but it will be good for him to get out and about! My boyfriend is going to come too and take some photos and videos! I would really love to take Emmy there but I think that Cool will have a meltdown if she leaves him alone in the barn. Oh the tragedies of having only two horses!

We will see how it goes...its super windy and POURING rain out right now so Cool is going to be REALLY fresh on Friday!


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