Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cool's second horse show!

We had quite the late night yesterday at the horse show but it was definitely worth it! Cool hacked around a little and jumped a few small jumps. He was super good about getting on and off the trailer (something he can be really bad about) and settled in fairly well at the horse show. BF walked him around the warm up and the show ring when we first got there to calm him down and it really seemed to help. By the time I went to get on him he was pretty quiet as far as not spooking at anything, not that he's really spooky anyway. He was a little "bucky" at first but nothing bad...just dropping his head and hunching his back. Here are some photos of him!

Cool jumping his first fence with a person on his back!

I was so proud of him!
That's all for now! 


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