Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting Ready

Well, it's been raining all week and today is the day! I got a chance to finally turn Cool out yesterday for the afternoon before it started raining again, so hopefully he won't be a total looney toon. I tried to clean him up last night the best I could but it's far too cold outside to actually bathe him so he's going to need a really good grooming before we leave tonight. I cant stand taking horses anywhere out in public when they don't look their absolute best! My biggest dilemma is: what on earth do I do with his mane?!?

His mane is suppeerrr long and gorgeous and BF refuses to let me cut if off (I don't really want to anyway because its just so pretty) but it's pretty...non fashionable for a hunter ring. Not that he's showing tonight or anything, but I also don't want him to look like a black sheep. One of my friends suggested just putting it in a bunch of long braids but would that look even worse then letting it be long? Any suggestions?

BF is going to be taking pictures tonight...I will post them this weekend!


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