Monday, June 7, 2010

A Rough Week

Sorry I've been SO inconsistent lately with updating. My life has been kind of a wreck lately, starting with Emmy being TERRIBLE with her penicillin shots (she's normally the queen of needles, she never cares about shots at all!) I can't blame her because the shots made her VERY sore, but it was a terrible ordeal to give them to her.

The second problem, is that, while the shots themselves were a pain, the biggest problem is that they didn't really help. I mean, the main swelling in her leg did go down, which is REALLY good, but the main problem spot below her hock (which I was originally concerned about) is still there, and is worse now then before. I called the vet again and asked her if it was possible for her to have injured a tendon sheath. The vet said that it was definitely possible and seeing as how she's not lame on it and the location of the swelling, I have a feeling that a tendon sheath is a real possibility and most likely what happened. I've been using a leg tightener on it daily (which doesn't seem to be doing much).

Johnny has been really good, although he hasn't gotten worked for a couple days because of the crappy rainy weather. The last time I REALLY schooled him I took him next door to the arena and set up little "jumps" (more like raised cavaletti with jump blocks), one each direction and we worked on trotting and cantering over them, both up and down the slope of the arena. Johnny was FABULOUS and we got a really good one cantering in on the right lead where he cantered in, jumped it, and landed in a perfectly balanced right lead canter! I called it a day with that! Yesterday I hacked him out on the road in the hackamore. Also got both canter leads and he was trotting excellent and up through his back :) We are going to the SCSHA Open Show this Saturday for our first walk/trot/canter flat classes...LOL wish us luck!

Outside of the horse world, my boyfriend and I broke up (we were pretty serious so this has been a REALLY rough time) it was really the last thing I needed on top of all the Emmy stress :(

And so, these are the reasons why no one has heard from me at all. I'm sorry my friends, I will try to keep on top of things better.



  1. Thank you for telling me about the "Genius" horses you used to show... I have heard many good things about my brood mare since I aquired her ..including an offer to buy - which I thought was cool since I rescued her!!!

  2. That's so great to hear! It's really a wonderful bloodline! How awesome that you're broodmare is a rescue...good for you! My mare is too :)