Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rough Day at the Office

Today has just been one of those days.

Work was filled with all sorts of excitement today...three loose horses, another one spazzing in the paddock and fifth that was running like a freak out on grass and slipped, fell and slid into the fence. The one horse that got loose was in the cross ties getting his feet worked on when he spooked at something, freaked out and went mache 10 backwards, hit the end of the cross tries which broke after a second of his weight against them. That sent him flying back into the farrier's cart of tools which he hit and then tripped over. The gelding practically flipped over backwards into the stall fronts and then fell, sending farrier tools and the rolling cart flying down the aisle to where I was helping a 13 year old kid take the bridle off her pony (which had just dumped her 7 year old sister, JUMPED out of the arena and then came kentucky derby style down the drive way back to the barn.) The pony I was standing with was cross tied with his butt turned towards the horse that had just fallen. I had just pulled his bridle off and was about to slip his halter on (the reins were still around his neck) when the commotion started and he FREAKED out at the horse and metal tools which were both suddenly flying at him. Of course, he bolted forward, right towards A, his little 13 year old owner. He was definitely going to trample her! I still had the reins around his neck and so I yanked back on them as hard as I could and then flung myself between A and the pony. I put the nearest part of my body (which happened to be my hip) into him with as much force as I could and he slammed into me just as A's mother grabbed her arm to pull her to safety. Luckily, no humans or horses were seriously injured, although it wasn't until after the fact that I realized my lower back was getting shooting pains. My back and my knee have been thobbing ever since :(

Johnny also pulled a shoe today...the little sucker! We are getting ready for the Chagrin Classic next weekend!

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  1. Wow... sounds like Mr. Murphy paid you a serious visit. Hope you feel better soon and many many kudos for your quick thinking with the pony!

    How's Emmy doing?