Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Horse Show Preparation!

This weekend is going to be crazy full of horse shows! Saturday I am showing an LEC school horse named Just Cruzin By in the 2'6" hunters. It's his first horse show ever and he's a little spooky, so I'm kind of nervous! Cruz and I have a really great understanding of each other, which is why I choose to show him...I just hope he jumps all of the fences and isn't a total butt about it!

I'm also planning on taking Johnny to his debut jumper show at LEC on Sunday. Today he jumped off his right lead for the first time! He did FANTASTIC! I'm really happy! It's the same thing with Cruz as with Johnny...I just want him to jump the fences and not be a jerk!

Wish us luuuccckkkk!


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