Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today began the first day of Johnny and Emmy's (mainly Johnny's) conditioning for this summers mini trials. E and I started off today with a couple miles of LSD road work. Once we get off the main road, the back roads are pretty quiet and nice and very straight for miles and miles. Emmy, as usual, was a perfect angel. Johnny was also really good, but very A.D.D. and resistant to move off my right leg. We definitely got in a little argument along the side of the road when I asked him to move off my leg onto the shoulder as a car came past and he blatantly ignored me. Absolutely NOT acceptable...especially when both of our safety is involved. He was not super happy, but he did oblige me. I think I'm going to work more stretching his shoulders from the ground...when he frames up he starts stepping funny with his left shoulder. I've noticed on some videos that he sometimes take a shorter step with that leg. I also haven't worked much in the side reins lately either, which I feel will really help him also.

I've got our summer show schedule in order I think. I'll post it up later :)


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