Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Break

My last day of finals is tomorrow and then I get to enjoy winter break for a whole 5 weeks! I'm staying at school this year to continue riding Emmy and Johnny and also to school horses at the college. That's a lot of riding!

I decided that this summer I want to go back to showing in the all around with Johnny and Emmy. I've been prepping Johnny for his winter break boot camp! Emmy is getting ready to come back into work also...I think I'm probably going to put her back under saddle tomorrow and see how she goes. I wanted to work her yesterday but she took a nick out of her ankle in the pasture and came in covered in bloody snow, so I cleaned her up and wrapped it. I'll be there tonight to check it out and hopefully she will be fine to ride tomorrow!

I'm working on a training schedule for both of them for the next 5 weeks...I'll post it when I get it figured out! I'm also going to take some pictures tomorrow of Johnny :)


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