Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some New Goals

Johnny has been really good lately! I've got one more week last of class and then finals next week and then winter break for 5 weeks!!!

Johnny is prepping this week to begin his boot camp over the winter holiday. I still have a goal set for us to go to the Standardbred National Championship Horse Show (hopefully this year!) but I also want to start showing this summer in versatility classes. My friend, M, is REALLY good at showmanship (she shows miniature horses in showmanship and halter and has a two time reserve world champion showmanship horse) and started working with Johnny yesterday. She's going to get him going really well in showmanship! Their first lesson yesterday was really good. Johnny has done a little showmanship and halter before but never really seriously. M is going to work with him and get him going good!

We are also in the market for a new western saddle that will fit Johnny better so that I can start doing him in western pleasure or trail events as well. I want him to start doing some English and Western pleasure classes as well as the hunters and the jumpers...I want a very well rounded horse!

I'm going to try to get some new photos of Johnny this week :)

Emmy on the other hand, is going to be getting some time off I think. I free lunged her yesterday in the arena and she was a little reluctant to pick up her left lead. I'm thinking that shes a little sore :(

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