Monday, November 22, 2010

Horse Show!

This weekend we packed up and went to a horse show with Johnny! He showed in the hopeful hunters at a local farm in a schooling show. The height of the jumps were super low for him, but our goal was to jump all the fences (without schooling over them before hand) and to get all of our leads, both of which we accomplished! There were about 25 horses in his division, so we didn't get any ribbons, but he was such a good boy that it didn't really matter. We accomplished our goals and he's finally starting to look like a "real" horse! My fabulous boyfriend came to the show too. He was so interested in all of the classes and exactly what each horse was supposed to be doing a the ring. It was so amazing to have someone there to actually support me and WANT to be a part of everything. He even went off to the food stand (without me asking!) and brought me back a breakfast sandwich and a drink when we were waiting for ribbons after my ride. He's so perfect! :)))

Here are some video stills from the show:



  1. Congrats on goals accomplished (I totally know how that goes) and the wonderful boyfriend! I dragged my hubby along occasionally to act as a hitching post wihle I visited with friends. He and Panache would take naps between divisions, lol.

  2. Thank you everyone! And Laura thats a funny story about your husband! They do make good hitching posts :)