Monday, October 18, 2010

Been a Long Time!

So I've officially been aware for WAY to long. This has been a terrible last month...first with Johnny's choke and then with Emmy becoming mysteriously ill. The vet had no idea what was wrong with her...first we thought a stroke and then maybe a possible bought with West Nile. She's been sick for about 3 weeks and is finally on the mend. She's been back under saddle three times so far and starts out lame on the right front every time but then works out of it. She's been getting progressively sounder but is still lame :(

It's been quite the disaster...but now that (hopefully) everyone is getting better, I will have much more time to get back into my blogging. I'm sorry for being away for so long!



  1. Sorry to hear about all the troubles - hope things improve soon!

  2. Horses can never do things simply, can they? Glad to hear they're on the mend and jingles that nothing else comes up!