Thursday, July 8, 2010

Over, Under or Through

Here are some photos of Johnny jumping the other day!

He's looking pretty good I think!

Saturday I am taking John over to the CVPHA Horse Show...I'm soooo nervous! Today I schooled him over fences for the last time before the show (tomorrow I think I'm going to lunge him in the side reins a bit) I made the fences a little bigger, the oxers wider (toe to toe), and put "scary" things on and underneath them (such as logs, saddle blankets, coolers, stall guards, etc.) Last year at this show, Johnny was SO preoccupied by the people watching and all of the activity going on (its an outdoor show) that we didn't make it around a single course. This year, I wanted him better prepped, so I put out the things that I knew he hated to jump (coolers and saddle blankets) and made him jump them all. We had one stop the first time to a jump with a yellow western saddle blanket draped over it where he did a drive by. Luckily I had my stick with me and so I swatted him good right on the flank, walked him a few strides back away from the fence and as soon as I turned him around he took off and LEAPED over the jump. He jumped everything after that but he was definitely in a bit of "jumper mode" for the rest of the ride. It's alright with me only goal for this weekend is to get around the course! A trainer of mine once said that you're only job sometimes is just to get the job done...whether you go over, under or through the fence, you MUST get to the other side. That's my philosophy for this weekend! WISH US LUCK!



  1. The jumping pictures do look good, a little jumpery but he's totally even and square with his forearms. Have fun at the show! Ear puffs have really helped my mare relax and focus... she loves those things now :)

  2. Thanks Laura! His place is definitely in the jumpers (he just loves it!) but I decided when I first broke him that I was going to do him in the hunters for a year a) because I think that's where every horse should start regardless of what they end up doing and b) because most jumper classes start at 2'9" or 3' and he's not ready for that yet! We've got our ear puffs ready! Thanks!

  3. Hope you have fun at the show!