Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Plans

This summer has started off so crappy and I'm hoping that it will finally turn around soon instead of getting worse. There seem to be some promising signs...

For starters, it finally stopped raining this week, but wouldn't you know that Johnny threw a shoe? Of course he did, because last week when the weather sucked, he kept them on, and now that it's sunny and 85 degrees he throws them off! He lost it over the weekend (Sunday I believe) and my farrier finally came out tonight to tack it back on :) Tomorrow, we are going riding!

I did get on him today and walk him around a bit. I wrapped his foot up and kept him on the grass as much as I could. Yesterday I went to the tack shop and bought him a big pair of bell boots and a mechanical hackamore. I've heard that sometimes STBs go well in them because they can't lean on the bit (since there isn't one!) lol. That's the main reason why I got on him today...I wanted to try it out! I think it will work just fine, although I do like his neck stretcher the best I think. I've got 3 bridles for him now that we can rotate through to target specific problems...I feel like his training equipment is finally complete!

And speaking of training, I am attempting to put together a summer show schedule for him (and potentially Emmy but I'm not making any real plans for her...getting my hopes up would just upset me more). I'm still waiting on the dates for a couple of shows but here's what it's looking like so far (unfortunately I can only show on Saturdays because of work!)

    12 - SCSHA Open Show - Tallmadge, OH
    26 - Chagrin Valley Farms Hunter Schooling Show - Chagrin Falls, OH

    9 - Chagrin Valley Hunter Jumper Classic (Opening Weekend - Friday) - Chagrin Falls, OH
   17 - SCSHA Open Show - Tallmadge, OH

    1 - Brecksville Kiwanis Horse Show (Sunday) - Brecksville, OH
   14 - SCSHA Open Show - Tallmadge, OH

There may be some mini trials and/or hunter paces to add to this, but for the most part I plan on picking around 2 shows a month to try and get to...budget permitting! The nice thing about all of these shows is that (aside from the Classic) they are relatively inexpensive to attend...especially the SCSHA ones, those are quite reasonable! The Classic is kind of our "big bang" of the year...hopefully Johnny will be ready for it!

Here are our show goals for each month:
JUNE - To stand quietly and obediently for showmanship at SCSHA, to complete a trail class and enter our first three gait flat class! Our goal at the Chagrin Schooling show is to compete in the Adult 2' class and canter the jumps on both leads! If all went well at the SCSHA show, then we will enter the flat classes and complete our first hunter division.
JULY -  The goal for the CVHJC is to compete in an entire division at three gaits (maybe even win a ribbon?) It doesn't matter what division to me...probably something low, but I just want him to do the whole thing! The goal for SCSHA this month is to compete in the Hunter Hack and brush up some more on our flat classes.
AUGUST - This is a big one...by August I would LOVE for him to be coarsing 2'6" in time for the Lows at the Kiwanis show. Of course, I'm not going to push him if he isn't ready, but as long as he's jumping well of the right lead it shouldn't be a problem! If not, we will compete (illegally lol) in the Children's Hunters (it's not a rated show...no one knows or cares lol). The goal for SCSHA is to win a ribbon in a three gait flat class and maybe a year end award? That would be great! Also to place well in showmanship!

Hopefully it will all work out!

In Emmy news...well, there really isn't. She's been on SMZs now for 5 days (tomorrow will be day 6) and there really has been no change in her. My farrier took a peek at her today and he thinks it might be soft tissue damage (tendon, ligament, etc...) I'm hoping for a minor, minor bone problem if anything...those heal faster than soft tissues! The vet is coming Thursday at 2:00pm...I will definitely update you all after! Until then, keep your fingers crossed PLEASE.



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