Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Short Break

I took advantage of today's weather (cloudy and cool but not rainy) and rode both Emmy and Johnny today. I took them both down to the park for a good hack and a gallop. Emmy was even more perfect than normal and cantered like a pleasant little princess through the park and along side the road without pulling at all! I think a lot of it is that when I sit and relax my elbow and follow her mouth better, she has nothing really to pull against so she doesn't. It's when I tense up my arm that she a hangs on me! Her left lead was better than the right, but that's always been the case with her.

Johnny on the other hand was fresh, fresh, FRESH. He's so fit now that being stuck in his stall all day yesterday with the horrible thunder storms was way too much sitting for him, despite the fact that he was out all day today. With Johnny I worked on keeping the trot temp slow and consistent without getting the "Johnny hop" on the right diagonal. I work on keeping his canter a little loftier and not so flat, which was really difficult in the beginning but got better. I even got his right lead every time I asked him and we GALLOPED for a good long stretch on the bad lead! It's funny because his "bad lead" actually produces a better balanced canter than his "good lead." Weird huh?

Between work and home I rode 4 horses total today and I'm tired! My knees hurt from galloping! I'm out of shapppeee!!



  1. Humm riding - sounds like a good day to me..on either lead!

  2. Yes it was! Thanks for the comment!