Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Johnny Goes to School

Johnny made the trip up to school yesterday evening. My best friend C came and picked him up from his home barn. The farrier had come in the afternoon to pull Emmy's shoes and put fronts on Johnny...I think both of the horses were really confused. Emmy hasn't gone barefoot in about 7 years (I expect her to be pretty lame at first) and Johnny hasn't had shoes in probably just as long. S did a FANTASTIC job with John's feet though. He walks funny, so the medial to lateral balance in his foot is all wrong. S used his special expoxy (I forget exactly what it's called...but he used to scuplt Emmy's feet with it all the time haha) to build up the inside of John's front hooves so that the shoe would sit level on his foot. It's a little bit like a cross between art and carpentry I think...the entire inside branch of his foot is fake now, but it looks amazing...his feet have never looked so good!!!

After we loaded up John's stuff, I said goodbye to Emmy (who seemed a little angry with me) we put John in the trailer. He rode well all the way up and was quite curious when we let him off at the new farm. His stall has a window that overlooks the driveway and the pastures, which I think he really likes. He likes to watch the people come and go :) E and I turned him out in the indoor while we moved the 4 jumps that I had brought into the arena. I figured it was probably good for him to just walk around in there and check the place out...he's never really been indoors before. The arena is large and beautiful with good footing. John was a little afraid of the doors at first, he kind of walked sideways around then, but when he realized that he could stick his head over the gates he was happy as a clam. I wanted so badly to put him out in the big grass field, but there was another horse out there and I didn't know the owner. Today he will get to go out :)

In other news, I have my IHSA tryout tonight and I'm very nervous. I don't even know why except to say that I had a tougher time yesterday in my Hunter class and now am feeling some self doubt. I know that I'm a good eq rider...but right now I feel totally out of practice.

More later to update on IHSA and John


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