Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hunter??? Maybe??

So Johnny was absolutly AMAZING today...the BEST I've EVER seen him move. E rode him and I gave them a lesson and we worked on a lot of leg yeild and shoulder in with him. He was moving sooooo well after loosening up his was unbelieveable. Like a totally different horse than the one I got out of a field just four months ago. He was relaxed and happy with his ears flopping forwad and sideways with each stride. For the first time he didn't look worried at all...he looked like he was enjoying himself. He was blowing softly and mouthing at the bit. It was seriously beautiful. Even today he wanted to stretch down and he had such a beautiful pace, stride length and self carraige that I found myself thinking "You know what....I would actually LOOK at this horse in the hunter ring! He's a little fancy!"

Yesterday I jumped him too and he was (once again) magnificent! We jumped out of the trot and canter and found perfect distances to every fence, plus John held his pace before and after the fence :) He's just so much FUN to jump...and because he doesn't jump SUPER round he doesn't jump you out of the tack and your eq stays nice!

Maybe he might make a hunter after all :)

Just a quick update for now!


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