Monday, July 27, 2009


Just a quick update because it's quite late and I have to be up early in the morning to feed the horses.

I rode Johnny today and he was really good! Dad video taped me so that I can send some footage to E for her to see how he moves and such. More video coming from the horse show next sunday. As I expected, John was a little high after not being ridden all week, but his playful energy actually helped because he was more willing to throw his right lead :D Set up a few jumps, a cross rail flanked by flowers and then a simple four stride line of verticals. First few jumpers were alright...had a couple of stops simple out of my own poor riding, but once I just help my leg on then Johnny was jumping just fine. We cantered the 4 stride and actually got 4 strides which was really awesome, and the best part is that on video Johnny doesn't look half as bad as I thought he did. He wasn't stretching down as much as usual, but his jumps were decent (althought my eye was a little off and we had some missed distances...I just slip him the reins now when my release is off so that I never catch him in the face) and his knees were up and even. I will post the pictures (well, some blurry video stills) tomorrow and once I add the video to youtube I will be sure to post the link!


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