Thursday, September 26, 2013

Are you tired yet?

Are you people tired of me telling you that I am going to come back and then being silent for months at a time?

Yeah, me too.

I'm so sorry my friends. I promise to get this disappearing habit under control! Life was so much more simple when I was in college, semi-boyfriendless and having my whole life revolve around nothing but horses. Mainly, I used to also have the option of shutting myself in my bedroom or going to the library/student center/etc for some personal time to blog. When you suddenly find yourself ENGAGED :) and living with your fiance, these things become harder to do. Between working full time, cleaning the house, the dishes, the laundry and taking care of the horses, I barely even have time to take a shower at the end of the day...let alone blog :( I'm seriously trying to be better though...seriously.

So that is my big news for this month...I'M ENGAGED!!! We set a date for next September, so literally only a year away...ahhhh!

All of the horses have been good...ish. Cool has been dominating the hunter ring at horse shows, holding his own and getting very respectable ribbons. We have our last show for season in a couple of weeks on October 12th. He's been a super star lately.

Emmy is also doing well, although she's not doing much these days. Part of the reason is that a) I have no time and b) I have no where to ride. Now that the horses are back at home, we have lost all of the conveniences of a riding arena :( My fiance is working to get us a small sand ring by winter...I sure hope it pans out!

Our 5 months of owning Gus have been a journey of ups and downs. The poor horse has terrible feet and we have been working hard to get him put back together. Its amounted to months of not riding him, which is really a bummer. Not that I have anywhere to ride him anyway, but still lol. Hopefully we will actually be able to work him this winter once the sand ring goes in. Otherwise he has been a good boy and I can't wait to really start working him.

Here is a photo from Cool's latest horse show! Our friend is riding the bay horse and (obviously) Cool is the chestnut!


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