Sunday, November 4, 2012

Post-Sandy Check In

Well, we made it through Superstorm Sandy alright here in Ohio! Monday we moved Emmy and Cool to their winter boarding barn, despite the pouring rain. Everyone got there safe and sound, although a little soggy! The boarding barn lost power for two days and our house lost water for one night but otherwise that was really the worst of it. It rained for 7 days straight though!! I'm glad that we moved the horses when we did, because at least now they have an indoor arena to get turned out in. I did let them out in the big pasture Friday for a couple hours. Cool was soooo excited to go out! He cantered laps around the field for about 5 minutes! I started them both back under saddle this week and they have been pretty good. Cool has been SO quiet standing in the cross ties and in his stall its been unreal. I think he must still be sick haha! Emmy is mildly unsound tracking to the left but only occasionally in the corners. I'm not sure if its just that shes out of shape and stiff or if her right front is starting to bother her again. I really need to get them both back on a joint supplement, I don't think that Emmy's devils claw/yucca blend is doing enough for her when it gets cold outside. I will update with some photos!


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