Thursday, August 5, 2010

Checking In

Summer is finally winding down for me and I have to admit that I am SO EXCITED to get back to school, especially to move the horses back to Maplebrook :) I've been so busy with work and taking care of the kids (aka Emmy and Johnny) at home that I've barely had time to blog anything.

Last weekend was the Brecksville Kiwanis Horse Show. Emmy and Johnny both showed and my friend Heather showed Emmy. Neither of the horses had a particularly spectacular day...I think Emmy got a 5th in Equitation and other than that we all ended up ribbon-less. Johnny was a very good boy in both his 2ft schooling hunter class and his two flat classes...we almost held our right lead the entire time! He only broke once in the far corner and I fixed it before anyone noticed. I also showed him in Hunter In Hand for the first time ever. Neither him nor I has ever done it before, so what a learning experience that was! We made some minor mistakes (such as turning the wrong way to trot for the judge) but over all he stood there like a rock and set up when I asked! When the judge came over to inspect him he asked me if Johnny was a Trakehner!! I had to try really hard not to laugh when I told him no, he's a Standardbred. I bet that judge didn't feel very smart after that...LOL.

This week the horses have had off. The vet came Monday to draw coggins for school and to re-check Emmy's leg. The diagnosis now is a deep DEEP tissue bruise that she keeps agitating. The vet said to keep it bandaged in the stall and maybe turn her out with boots on so that she stops hitting it. I've been trying to keep it wrapped as much as I can when she's just standing around, but with the heat and humidity lately she's starting to get some scratches/mud fever gunk on her legs. The past two days she has gone wrap-less to let her leg's breath since I've been treating the fungus and we haven't had any massive blow ups in her legs, so that's a good thing!

Both of Emmy and Johnny's feet look like crap right now. I'm waiting for the farrier to come next week and give them a good overhaul. I think that the combination of hot, humid and yet hard ground is not doing them any favors. This is going to be an expensive month!

In OTHER news, Johnny is now officially for sale. I put him up yesterday and have already gotten a call from someone who is interested! Everyone freaked out when I told people he was for sale, but in all reality, this was always the plan for him! Get him ride-able and going well and then send him on to do his job for someone and make them happy. As much as I absolutely adore him, he's far too old (17) and not quite athletic enough for me to keep as a serious competition horse, but he's PERFECT for a novice child or adult rider looking to jump 2'-2'3". He's capable of going much higher, but I feel that once he gets over 2'6" it might be hard to keep him sound just because of his age. He is for sale for $800 obo. Spread the word!!

Here are some photos from the Breckville Show:

In hand...the judge asking if Johnny was a Trakehner (while pointing to his brand)


Next weekend is the last SCSHA show! Year end awards! Keep your fingers crossed for w/t hightpoint!

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