Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Four Day Training Guide

In Jimmy Wofford's section of this month's Practical Horseman Magazine, Mr. Wofford offered a "four day rotation" training guide for event horses. While my little Standardbred is FAR away from being an event horse, I've always had the idea that I wanted to eventually introduce him to the world of eventing through some low stress mini trials. We've already attended our first jumper show and had some mixed results...the plan so far is to attend our first combined test on May 2nd. After reading Mr. Wofford's article about conditioning and event prep I decided to keep a more dedicated training journal following Mr. Wofford's guidelines.

Here is an overview of the four-day rotational plan:

Day One: Dressage
Day Two: Show Jump
Day Three: Dressage
Day Four: Canter
(repeat with day one)

Of course, any system should be tailored to fit individual horses needs. Therefore, I  have tailored this rotation into my own rotational plan based on Johnny's age, the amenities that our current location offers and my current class schedule here at school...of course I plan wholeheartedly on documenting all of this with videos and pictures! We need to get ready for our combined test!!


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