Friday, February 5, 2010

Jumping Star!

I jumped Johnny yesterday and he was excellent! We haven't been doing much work over fences lately...hardly any at all actually, but he was so good! I set an outside line down the rail that rode in a perfect three stride with a short diagonal vertical which could be ridden in a bending line to one of the jumps in the line. John was SO GOOD! He landed his right lead a whole bunch of times (down the line too!) and then we came in to the short diagonal off the left, jumped it and landed the left lead, did a bending line to the out of the 3 stride which he jumped like a champ and then landed his RIGHT lead when I turned him in the air! YAYY!!! He's finally getting it!!!!!


  1. That is excellent!! :) Sounds like he is coming along well.

    How are his stifles doing with the locking thing????

  2. Thank you! He is coming along really well :)

    His stifles have been a lot better. The first week was really bad but the pole work seems to be paying off a bit. It's only locked three times since the first time on the lunge and none of those times have been under saddle. I've also been liniment it everyday and stretching the muscles in the rest of his body (i.e. his shoulders and back) that seems to be helping quite a bit too :)

  3. Hey, that sounds great. I was worried and hoping it was nothing major. Sounds like you have a good system in place. I love cavelettis! :)

  4. Thanks! I'm hoping that it doesn't develop into any other type of more serious problem. I also love cavalettis...they are such good training tools! Hope all is well with Dreamy :)